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Bible Information Class

The next BIC session will run June 9th through July 28th from 12:00 – 2:30 pm.

We believe membership should involve having common core beliefs with one another. It is for this reason that we offer a Bible Information Class (BIC) and a Next Steps Class for incoming members. Please feel free to reach out to Pastor Italiano or contact the church office for more information. If you are interested in tranferring membership from another WELS or other Lutheran congregation, we also encorage you to speak with Pastor Italiano to see what is best for you.

If you are ready to begin the BIC classes, there is some additional information listed below, as well as a class registration form. We can't wait to see you there!

The Bible Information Class teaches the details of what we believe. It is a nine-session (90 minutes each) class that teaches the basics of what the Bible says. Topics covered are: who God is, creation, who Jesus is and what he has done, the Holy Spirit and faith, the 10 Commandments, Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and the Church (among other things).

It is important to note that you are not committed to becoming a member at Trinity simply by taking this class. The intention is to share with you what we believe and teach.

The Next Steps Class is a three-session (90 minutes each) course that familiarizes you with who Trinity is and what our mission is. It also helps you to discover what your spiritual gifts are and how God has uniquely shaped you and given you a purpose in life.


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